Matt Dunkley

Six Cycles

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  2. 2.Cycle 5
  3. 3.Cycle 6

Having worked on films such as 'Inception', 'The Dark Knight' and 'Black Swan', and with artists such as Patti Smith, Nick Cave, U2 and Kronos Quartet, it was only a matter of time before Matt Dunkley released his own album. Recorded with the renowned Babelsberg Film Orchestra, the result is a rich and nuanced cinematic soundscape, replete with stirring builds of Wagnerian grandeur.

Released March 11th, 2016

12" LP, CD, Digital

Matt D Cycles

Matt Dunkley

Matt studied trumpet and piano at the London College of Music, going on to become a leading orchestrator, arranger and conductor, while also developing a successful parallel career as a talented film, TV and theatre composer. He has worked on over 130 movies, including Black Swan, Inception and Moulin Rouge. He has also worked with recording artists such as Massive Attack, Patti Smith, Badly Drawn Boy, Elliot Smith, Nick Cave and Catatonia. 

As a conductor, Matt worked with all of the UK's top orchestras as well as international ensembles such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic (at The Hollywood Bowl), and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (at the Sydney Opera House). Matt has scored two feature films, a number of network series for British television as well as music for adverts and production libraries. For the theatre, he wrote and arranged a ground-breaking arena version of Peter Pan: The Neverending Story, that is currently on a world tour, and he has just completed the score to Flanders Fields, a theatre piece set alongside a war grave cemetery in Belgium. 

'Six Cycles' saw Matt venture out into the world of writing albums for the first time.

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