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  1. 1.The Valley Of Detachment

This limited release contains three exclusive pieces, written for Record Store Day and released on a double-sided 12-inch vinyl. Angèle David-Guillou develops her compositional skills with ‘The Valley Of Detachment’ – a potent and formidable study in writing for the saxophone family. Dead Light’s ‘Spiral Down Dears’ continues with their distinctive, nostalgic sound, created using analogue tape recorders, closely microphoned instrumentation and a handmade approach to effects and synthesis. Lastly, Snow Palms, aka David Sheppard and Matt Gooderson, transform labelmate Matt Dunkley’s ‘Cycle 12’ from orchestral grandeur into a multi-layered, highly evocative exercise in synths and mallets, using chopped-up vocal samples and lush electronics along the way.

Released April 21st, 2018

EP / Digital

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