The Dublin Murders

Category: Feature Film, Supervision, TV

Production company: Euston Films, Element Pictures and Veritas Entertainment
Directed by: Saul Dibb, John Hayes and Rebecca Gatward

'The Dubin Murders' is a forthcoming eight-part series for BBC based on the work of Dublin's leading crime novelist, Tana French. The Dublin Murder Squad novels have won major awards and topped bestseller lists across the world. Each novel is led by a different detective from the same Dublin squad and their signature is an intense emotional connection between cop and crime, underpinned by a disturbing tremor from another darker influence.

Brilliantly blending the two first books in the Dublin Murder Squad series, 'In The Woods' and 'The Likeness', leading screenwriter Sarah Phelps (Ordeal by Innocence, Witness for the Prosecution) reacts to the dark drama of the novels and delivers a contemporary world of psychological mystery and darkness with a taproot that is sunk deep in Ireland’s past.

Major Tom will handle music supervision across the series and are pleased to have brought composer Volker Bertelmann aka Hauschka, on board as the composer.

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