Zadie Smith's 'NW'

Category: Feature Film

Production company: Mammoth Screen

Director: Saul Dibb

Producer: Betsan Morris Evans

Zadie Smith's critically acclaimed best-selling novel is brought to life in a one off drama for BBC2. Produced by Mammoth Screen and directed by Saul Dibb with music supervision by Major Tom.

'NW' tells the story of Natalie and Leah, two friends who grew up together in North West London whose lives have taken them in different directions. Natalie’s wealth and ambition have set her apart from the friends and family she grew up with, and she finds herself asking not only who she really is, but where she belongs. In an area where wealth and poverty are only streets apart, life is fragile – as Natalie and Leah are about to find out.

Major Tom provided music supervision services on the project overseeing the entire soundtrack, sourcing and licensing various pieces to compliment the gritty and urban North West London backdrop and working closely with composer Rael Jones to score some of the films more emotive and poignant scenes.

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