British Council 'Macbeth'

Category: Composition

Throughout 2016 the British Council commissioned a series of 12 short films which reimagined some of Shakespeare's most famous works for a modern audience. A new short was released each month of the year. Director, David Wilson, tackled this dark and brooding scene from Macbeth starring 'This Is England' actress Vicky McClure as Lady Macbeth.

Our brief was to create an extremely minimal soundscape which conveyed an ominous, oppressive emotion to the viewer. A clever mixture of heavily augmented violins (recorded live for the project) and synthesised vocals helped add a very organic, yet out-of-wordly feel to the production. The composition then drastically shifts to represent Lady Macbeth’s perspective on how she’s going to deal with Duncan, releasing the views from the intense grip of the rest of the piece.

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