High Brow 2

Highbrow Home Listening Part Two Mixcloud Playlist

Further adventures in sonic art, space pop and alternative musical endeavours for the discerning listener....

  • 1.Intruxx by Glass Animals
  • 2.And In Truth by Colin Stetson
  • 3.Suo Gan by Empire of the Sun
  • 4.No Comprende by Low
  • 5.Space Bible With Volume Lumps by The Flaming Lips
  • 6.Blue Moon by Kendal Johansson
  • 7.The Way You Say Good-Night by The Magnetic Fields
  • 8.Scene I by Michael Galasso
  • 9.Path 5 (Clark Remix - Edit) by Max Richter
  • 10.Slow Down by Sleepy Sun
  • 11.Blood Never Lies by Thurston Moore
  • 12.Believer - Susanna And The Magical Orchestra
  • 13.Soul 1 by Spacemen 3
  • 14.Rock On by Tortoise
  • 15.Untitled 6 by Bundy K. Brown, Doug Scharin, James Warden
  • 16.Time by Peter Gregson
  • 17.A Hundred Ropes by Minor Victories
  • 18.To Us All by Eno & Hyde
  • 19.Everytime I'm With You by Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse
  • 20.Oscar Brown by Baxter Dury
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