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Electronic Enlightenment Vol 1 Mixcloud Playlist

Sonic escapades in tonal ambience, electronic textures and electro acoustic atmospherics

  • 1.Luminaries by Motion Sickness Of Time Travel
  • 2.Candy Shoppe by Emeralds
  • 3.Chrome Country - Oneohtrix Point Never
  • 4.Wound by Arca
  • 5.Leaving by Andy Stott
  • 6.The Captain by the Knife
  • 7.Do Matter by Plaid
  • 8.La Cygne by Baltic Fleet
  • 9.The Dirty Part Of The Dust by Etienne Jaumet
  • 10.Liquesce by Illum Sphere
  • 11.Ancestral Footsteps by Jo Johnson
  • 12.Gotterdammerung by Eine Kleine Nacht Musik
  • 13.Gira by Alessandro Cortini
  • 14.Snowbird by Clark
  • 15.Hiraeth by Lone
  • 16.How To Adjust People by Jonas Reinhardt
  • 17.My Soul Is Like A Tree by Krazy Baldhead
  • 18.Fantasy 33 by Ssalvia
  • 19.Bauplan by Martyn
  • 20.Blown by LFO
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