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Village Green Recordings presents SALVATION, a multimedia project and accompanying album showcasing highlights from our roster. An eight-track digital exclusive featuring current and forthcoming music from Soft Error, Matt Dunkley, Angèle David-Guillou, Thomas William Hill, John Matthias & Jay Auborn, Snow Palms, Jim Copperthwaite and Ben Chatwin. Each track is paired with a beautiful short film that together, playfully tell the epic story of evolution through the detritus of mankind.

BlinkInk directors, Noah Harris & Andy Biddle were given eight unreleased tracks each by a different artist handpicked from Village Green’s roster and asked to create a narrative linking them all. Each short film is a response to the individual piece of music but also acts as an episode in the overall story. 

Whether it’s the birth of a planet in ELEMENT, set to the prescient shimmering of Snow Palms, or the evolution of humanity in SENTIENCE alongside Angèle David-Guillou’s vibrant ‘V. For Visconti’, sound and image are paired impeccably, demonstrating the cinematic quality of the Village Green repertoire.

Track listing:

  1. Snow Palms – ‘Rite’
  2. Thomas Hill – ‘Tyranny Of The Frame’
  3. Angèle David-Guillou – ‘V. For Visconti’
  4. John Matthias & Jay Auborn – ‘Every Word A Mask’
  5. Soft Error – ‘Bad Habits’
  6. Jim Copperthwaite – ‘The History of Cubes’
  7. Ben Chatwin – ‘Helix’
  8. Matt Dunkley – ‘Cycle 7’

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